What can you incinerate?

Incineration is a quick, low cost and efficient way of destroying many types of waste. If waste has a high calorific value then you could also generate electricity or heating from the exhaust games. Just some of the many waste streams suited to incineration are listed below:

  • Woods
  • Paper
  • Animal By Products*
  • Medical Waste
  • Food Waste
  • Garden Waste (not soil)
  • General Domestic Waste
  • Office Waste

What you can’t…

Certain waste stream are not ideal for incineration and will cause operational problems and/or toxic fumes/emissions. We will never knowingly sell our products for the destruction of:

  • Car Tyres
  • Flame retardant carpets
  • Flame retardant textiles
  • Acetone & Acetate
  • Fireworks/Gunpowder
  • Highly Inflammable Fluids
  • Benzene,
  • Methyl Ethyl
  • Ketenes
  • Toluene
  • Xylene